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[Interview] 1PIN - Shyyne

1PIN has been one of the best teams in the UK, being able to go toe to toe with some of the best within the UK and EU, the 1PIN roster is led by superstar riflers Azuwu and Wolfie who seem to attract all the spotlight when talking about the performances, their ability to make the highlight clutch plays which always seem to dominate the discussion when talking about recent performances. 

Players like AWPer and Norwegian National, like Shyyne have been the unspoken backbone of the roster putting up amazing performances with the Big Green. In the SCL so far, Shyyne has averaged 19 frags per game with a 1.11 K/D ratio putting him as a solid contributor within the lineup but also being a former member of 'Apeks Rebels' where they peaked at #53 in the world bringing a range of experience to a lineup which is quite young. 

I was able to sit down with Shyyne and ask him a few questions about former teammates, future goals and struggles within the 1PIN team: 


Being the only non-UK player within the 1pin roster, what challenges have you needed to overcome?

It feels really natural, to be honest, I've always spoken English when playing so it honestly feels better than when I was playing in Norwegian teams.


Who are your picks for the finals within the Challanger division?

I would like it to be us and ITB in the final, always fun with a UK derby.


What teams are you worried about or scared of within the Challanger divisions?

I wouldn't say I'm scared of any team in the league, if we play our game we should be able to beat any team here.


Seeing that you are one of the oldest on the lineup, do you think that the age gap has you filling a mentor role for young talents like Wolfie and AZWUW?

I definitely bring more experience to the table in-game and I would say I do help out a lot with talking for the guys if there is stuff they are doing but I don't know if mentoring would be the right word.

Having such a talented lineup, what do you think is the biggest struggle in the server for the team?

Our biggest struggle as of right now is communication, we have lots of initiative and it's great just sometimes people forget to say stuff before they do them but that comes with experience so the future is looking bright.

What are the goals for the 1pin roster seeing that you are just outside the top 100 in HLTV ranking as well as in the conversation as one of the best UK teams at the moment alongside ITB?

Our goal as of right now is to solidify ourselves as the best team in the UK and get within the top 50 HLTV.


Seeing that majority of your former roster has joined 777, what are your thoughts on their progress as a lineup and a squad?

I think they are better than what they have shown so far they are a team of very skilled and smart players so I'm expecting them to show what they can really do soon.

Who on this 1pin lineup has impressed you the most so far? And why?

That's really hard to say as they all really impressed me in different ways, dox has the best work ethic I've had in a team and his knowledge about the game is kinda unreal, leaf is always consistent and coming up with new ideas on the spot, Wolfie has a crazy aim and does lots of stuff on his own initiative and Azuwu is a really good anchor and can randomly win the craziest clutches.


Seeing that at the current moment you are Orgless, Do you think an org would be able to add or take away from your current performance? 

Im super impressed with what we have achieved in a pretty short time and without an org, I truly believe that a solid org would really help get us to the next level.


A huge thank-you to Shyyne for sitting down with me for the chat! 1PIN at the moment, sitting pretty at 4-1 in the Challanger division where their next opponent is Insillio!