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25th Oct, 17:00
25th Oct, 17:00
25th Oct, 19:00
25th Oct, 20:00
25th Oct, 20:00
25th Oct, 21:00
25th Oct, 22:00
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General Rules

  • The moderators and administrators of SCL League reserve the right to adapt rules and make judgement on occasions that is not listed in the rules to make sure the league can go on as in the fairest way possible.
  • Using software to get advantage in the game (cheats), is forbidden. Would it occur in an official match will not only the player, but the whole team get disqualified for the remaining season. Account sharing also goes under this category. 
  • Toxicity is strictly forbidden and will result in a warning if it were to occur. Three warnings will result in disqualification from the remaining season for the team. Personal harassments based on sex, gender or nationality may result in instant disqualification.
  • Match-fixing of any kind is strictly forbidden. Reports of suspected match-fixing will be reviewed by the moderators and administrators of the SCL League.
  • Players without a prime CS:GO account will not be allowed to attend in the SCL League.



  • As the season starts, two matches will be set for every team each week. To clarify, 2 matches per week for 4 weeks. A total of 8 matches before the playoffs.
  • SCL will distribute the matches with a default time, reasonable to Central European Time. If this default time were not to fit one/both teams, then the time of the match can be rescheduled on the match-page. When rescheduling, a “rescheduling-offer” will be sent to the opposite team for that match. If no rescheduling offer has been accepted, the next placed offer on that match will have a timer of 48 hours to respond to. If the opposite team does not accept or reject the offer during this time, then the offer will be automatically accepted. The remaining offers sent, after the first one has been accepted will the rest not be automatically accepted.
  • If multiple attempts of rescheduling get declined by the opposite team, then contacting an SCL Administrator or moderator might help solving the scheduling-dispute. If one of the teams refuse to communicate regarding a new scheduled-time, then the Admins will set a new time. If both teams are communicating but solving the dispute is not possible, then the default-time set from the start will be the time for the match. 


  • Playing the SCL League require each player attending to pay the entry fee. This is a one-time payment and not a recurring one.
  • In case your team would not be able to play the league even though all players have paid for the season, then you need to contact an admin at least 48 hours before the league starts to get a refund.
  • Prizemoney will be sent out in the most suitable method for your team. If SCL can’t payout in the payment method your team has preferred will PayPal be the default option. 
  • The prizemoney will be distributed to the players your team has agreed to. If conflict would occur, then the prizemoney will be distributed to the 5 players that has played the biggest number of games throughout the season. 

Server Crashes & Disconnects

  • If a server were to crash during a match, please contact an admin through live-chat or through our official Discord channel.
  • If the server the match is being played on were to crash during the game, then the last round you played will be the round you start at once a new server has been given to you.
  • If a player disconnects during a game due to technical issues, then use the !pause command to delay the until this player can reconnect. If the player don’t reconnects until the pause is over will the game go on as usual. 

Match Process

  • The games will be played on SCL 128 Tick Servers, which is in Netherlands and Germany. More locations will be possible if requested in time.
  • Make sure you join the game with the same steam-account you registered to SCL with. Otherwise, you will not be able to join the game and we can’t do anything about it.
  • The game is supposed to go live at the exact scheduled time. The server is available to connect to 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Every player is required to connect to the server during this 15-minute period. Once you connect to the server, use the !ready command.
  • If one or more players are not able to join during the 15-minute period mentioned above, then feel free to use the command !forceready. This command will allow you to start the game with the current players on the server until the last players join. This is a disadvantage but we will not reschedule the match for you if specific players can’t make it in time, it is a requirement to be on time or else this is your only option. 
  • If your team does not show up on the given time, or if 5 players from your team has not used the !ready command then your team will lose to forfeit. 
  • SCL will be using the ESL5on5 config for the games, since it is the most common option for competitive CS:GO.

Extra Information

  • The veto has to be done 24 hours before your game starts. In case it is not, the final map will be randomized.
  • To coach a match, use the command !coach when entering the server. Make sure the coach joins before the whole team, otherwise this will not be possible.
  • To replay the last round, use the command !stop. The opponent team has to confirm. (Admins has the power to force both teams to confirm).


If you believe we have left out some details you are wondering about, please do not hesitate to contact an Administrator or Moderator through live-chat or the SCL Official Discord.  https://discord.gg/kvJt68Wutk







#16 SCL Weekly Sunday Cup
Prizepool: 80$
24th October, Sunday 19:00
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